10 Famous Lagos Bus Stops And How They Got Their Names

Lagos is one of the most exciting cities in Nigeria for many reasons.

From its heavy traffic unique food to hot, intense weather, you will agree with me that Lagos is always in the news for that.

Another exciting aspect of Lagos is its naming custom for its Bus stops.

Many of them are funny and would leave you wondering how they came about.

10 Famous Lagos Bus Stops And How They Got Their Names

Here are 10 famous Lagos  Bus stops and how they got their names

1.   Oshodi Bus Stop

The name ‘Oshodi’ was gotten from Balogun Landuji Oshodi Tapa which was the real name of a Nupe that was adopted by the Oba Eshinlokun of Lagos.

Every Resident in Lagos knows that Oshodi is one of the busiest Bus Stops in the State.

2.   Obalende Bus Stop

Obalende Bus Stop is a very popular stop in Lagos State and it lies in the midst of Lagos Island and Ikoyi.

The name is Yoruba and means “The King chased me up until this point.”


3.   Ojota Bus Stop

In the 18th century, the area was an area for shooting practice and the people around created the name “OJOTA”.

From a combination of “OJU OTA” meaning “Bullet Spots.”


4.   Cemetery Bus Stop

This bus stop has a very ominous ring to it but rests assured it’s as harmless as it can be.

The Bus Stop got its name after the cemetery around it which is the most popular landmark around.

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5.   Mechanic Bus Stop

Mechanic Bus Stop is a popular Bus Stop around Okokomaiko.

The Bus Stop is named so because there are a group of mechanic around there.

6.    Coconut Bus Stop

This Bus Stop is around Apapa and it was named after the long rows of coconut trees around there.


7.    Ile-Epo Bus Stop

When translated into English, it means “FUEL STATION”.

This famous Bus Stop in Lagos is named so because of the most popular Landmark around it which is a Fuel station.


8.    Cele Bus Stop

Cele is a short form for “Celestial” and the bus stop got its name because of the popular Celestial church situated in the area.


9.    Moshalashi Bus Stop

Moshalashi Bus Stop was named after the popular Mosque around it.

The word ‘Moshalashi means a Mosque.

10.   Abattoir Bus Stop

The major Landmark around the place is a popular Abattoir.

This Bus Stop is located around the Abule Egba area of Lagos.

What other famous Bus Stops Do You Know in Lagos?





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