10 Foods That Are Considered Taboos In Various Nigerian Tribes

We all know that food is very important to humans however there are rules guiding against eating some.

While some of these rules are personal, some others are based on traditional and cultural, and the people in that society are forced to carry out these rules which are considered Taboo.

Without further ado, here are 10 foods that are considered taboos in various Nigerian tribes:

1.   Ogbono – Asaba

In Asaba, Delta state, It is considered taboo to eat and sell Ogbono.

Ogbono is mostly used in Asaba for spiritual purification.

2.    Ram – Asaba

In Agbor city of Delta State, The people are forbidden from eating ram.

They are also advised to distance themselves from where it is being cooked.

Yam - Igboland

3.   Yam – Igboland

The Igbos are not allowed to eat old yam during the season of new yams.

In this season of Iri Ji, old yams left are thrown away.

4.    Bush Meat – Nnewi

In some parts of Nwewi in Igboland, it is forbidden to kill and eat bush meat.

Because it is believed that the bush meat played a role in saving the Nnewi founders during wartime.

5.   Dog – Mbaino

In Mbaino, Imo State, It is forbidden to rear and eat dogs.

6.   Roasted Yam – Ikorodu

In some parts of Ikorodu, Lagos, It is forbidden to eat or sell roasted yam.

It is believed that doing so will invite trouble in society.

7.    Snake – Obanliku

In Obanliku, Cross Rivers State, It is forbidden to eat snakes.

8.    Meat and Eggs – Midwest Nigeria

In the midwest states of Nigeria, meat and eggs are usually not given to children because it is believed it will make them steal.

Coconut Milk And Liver - Midwest Nigeria

9.   Coconut Milk And Liver – Midwest Nigeria

In Mid-west Nigeria, Coconut Milk and Liver are forbidden for children because they believe it makes them unintelligent.

10.   Snails – Afemai/Isoko

In parts of Afemai and Isoko, Pregnant women are discouraged from eating snails, as it is believed it makes their children develop bad habits after birth.

What other food taboos in Nigeria do you know?



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