If you want to develop great study habits then you need to follow the below helpful tips.

10 Tips To Make You Study Better

1. Divide your study time into several parts

Ideally, study time should not exceed 30 minutes.

2. Create a study routine

Thus both the organisation and the performance will be greater.

3. Create summary notes on individual sheets

Outlines and summaries are good to do, not just underline.

4. Keep distractions away

No television, smartphone or any other mobile platform.

5. Prepare your study material before anything else

This will avoid getting up to look for other things, and therefore distraction will be avoided.

6. Propose a study unit for each session

It is good to read the lesson once to create a mind map.

7. Avoid literal memorization

Reformulate it with other words and thus a better learning will achieved.

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8. Comprehension

Look out for similar and differences between concepts .

9.  Practice

Do exercises or quizzes about the topic you study.

10. Explain the lesson to someone else

It is a way of mentally reviewing what you have studied


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