100 Level Female Student Commits Suicide After Being Defrauded of Her School Fees | See Details

 100 Level Female Student Commits Suicide After Being Defrauded of Her School Fees | See Details
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A 100level Female Student from University of Calabar (Unical) has committed suicide after being supposedly defrauded of her undergraduate school fees.

The 18-year-old girl who is identified as Bako Veronica was in the Department of history and international studies before put an end to her life after being defrauded N100,000 which was for her school expenses that she was unable to pay before the outbreak of the ASUU Strike / Covid-19 lock down.

The late student who is from Kastina Ala in Benue State, Nigeria, allegedly drank a poisonous substance, believed to be Sniper, on Thursday August 6, 2020 at her home in Kastina Ala Benue State .

According to Reports, Bako saw a message from a scammer who runs internet Ponzi scheme business on social media, asking her to put her money in the business in order to get double of the money invested within few minutes which she agreed.

Unknown to her, the scammer who disguised himself as a legit person blocked her on the social media.

A confirmed source said: On Thursday morning, her relatives saw her abnormal practices and discouragement, they asked what was going on with her, but she revealed to them that she was fine.

Her mother said, since she said she was fine, that she should pick a bike to the market and buy a few things for herself.

She agreed, but said she had to shower before she leaves, so when she got to the bathroom, Bako took the poisonous substance called Sniper.

While her parents were inside the room, she was disturbed and fell outside the toilet, one of the neighbours who saw her started screaming, letting her parents know to come out, seeing Bako’s guards find there a little girl lying dead on the ground, they asked her what had happened, she figured out how to tell them that she had taken Sniper.

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The source also included that:

“Before she died, she was supposed to have left a reply on the scammer’s inbox, saying that in case she dies, her blood is on top of him.”

In other report we gathered, the scammer was also in the same WhatsApp group, HIS19 UNICAL group before the evil incident.

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