Here's A Story Of How The Fulani People Came Into Yorubaland

The Fulani people had not always been indigenes in Yorubaland.

The History of the coalition between Fulanis and Yorubas is centred around war and conquest.

The Commander of Oyo, the Are Ona Kakanfo who is called Afonja had led a rebellion in 1817 that conquered Ilorin which was the traditional emirate and capita; of Kwara State.

Afonja was helped in this rebellion by the Fulani warriors, Hausa slaves, and Mallam Alimi, a Fulani from Sokoto.

Afonja was later assassinated by the Muslim Fulani.

Shortly after his assassination, Alimi’s son, Abdul Salami became the Emir of Ilorin and pledged support towards the Sokoto Caliphate.

Ilorin then conquered and subjected many towns in Yoruba Land.

They also destroyed Ibadan, the Oyo Capital.

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In 2840, Abdul Salami and his Army were conquered at Osogbo.

Here's A Story Of How The Fulani People Came Into Yorubaland

This eventful had led to the Dominance of Fulanis as they mixed and spread around Yorubaland through Marriage and trade.

Today, Modern Ilorin is dominated by Yoruba people who are mainly Muslim and controlled by a Yoruba-speaking Fulani Emir, Ibrahim Kolapo Sulu Gambari, a nephew to President Buhari’s chief of Staff, Ibrahim Gambari.

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