“Leave Me Alone, I Will Die Alone’ – Kemi Afolabi Goes Suicidal After A Fight With Her Senior Colleague

Popular Nollywood actress and mother of one, Kemi Afolabi has stated on her Instagram page that she wants to be left alone.

According to her, she is going to die and be in the grave alone so she will love it if people can leave her life alone.

In her words:

‘I will die ALONE. Will be laid in my grave alone and everyone will leave after burying me alone. LEAVE MY LIFE TF ALONE!!!!’

This is coming a few weeks after her fight with her senior colleague named Laide Bakare over her younger lover, Gida.

It’s obvious that Kemi Afolabi doesn’t joke with her lover, Gida despite him being married with children.

Multiple reports say she is always ready to enter a fight with any woman who tries to move closer to her man, hence the reason for her quarrel with Laide Bakare who has recently got attracted to Gida.

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Things however got dirty between the two actresses and Kemi decided to take to Instagram to talk about her twinnie turned enemy as she described her as being delusional, crazy, and an attention seeker.

Kemi Afolabi in her post “Fine girl kemo, delusional low self-esteem attention seeker say na she give me stardom werey Alaso….Ta lo ni Twinnie isonu! Yinmu Se Kemi ALAGBARA wa kere ni? TGIF..wey dem? Dem no reach”

And in response, Laide Bakare wrote “No matter what hatters say or do. Can never ever reach ME, Abi eleyi Fe Te ni ? Who you be? #laidebakare is your forefather MOTHER, I’m too Big for some kin nonsense, miss wereyy. Who be your Twinee?? Alaye baje … You wey be like Man!!!!”

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