10 Common Superstitions Many Nigerians Believe

As a Nigerian, you must have heard of a series of superstitions and how forbidden they are.

10 Common Superstitions Many Nigerians Believe

According to Nigeria culture, Elderly people believe that there are certain things that one must not do based on traditional belief.

While some beliefs may be true, others are merely superstitions that we grew up to hear.

Here is a list of 10 interesting superstitions Nigerians believe:

1. Itchy Palms

Itchy palms are said to be a sign of good luck.

It could also indicate that a huge amount of money is coming your way.

2. Crossing Legs

It is said that if someone crossed over a pregnant woman’s legs, They will give birth to a child that looks like the person.

Another version is that people shouldn’t let anyone cross over their legs, If not they will give birth to a child with one arm or leg.

3. Seeing Ghosts

The common warning is for people not to bend over to peer through between their legs, especially in crowded places like markets.

One is bound to see ghosts and witches that way.

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4. Spitting

If someone has a sore throat, it is probably because they spat on the floor and someone stepped on it.

5. Eating In The Dark

This is forbidden because it is believed that if someone eats in the dark, they could be giving room to the dead to eat with them and this could lead to death or grave ailments.

6. Eating From The Ground

It is believed that when someone’s food falls to the ground, they should not pick it as the devil has eaten it.

7. Whistling At Night

Whistling at night is believed to attract evil spirits and snakes.

8. Answering a call

If someone hears their name and answers to it without seeing the person that called, They have just answered a ghost call.

9. Sleeping Face Up

It is believed that sleeping face-up is the best position for spirits to have access to people’s bodies and souls.

10. Black Cat

It is believed that when someone encounters a black cat, Evil is lurking around.

Which of these superstitions do you still believe?

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