Waist beads

Waist beads have now become the latest fashion trend for African Ladies though many people still see them as charm and as a tool to attract men to do what they want.

Waist beads

Research has been conducted on why most Ladies usually prefer to wear waist beads.

They are one of the types of traditional fashion accessories that are usually produced of very tiny beads on a string and worn around the waist or hips.

They can come in different colors, sizes, and shapes, at times they can be called belly beads, waistline beads, or beaded waist chains.

In the olden days, women feel more beautiful and attractive whenever they wear it.

Uses of Waist Beads

waist beads

1).  Loss of Weight

One of the reasons why Ladies wear waist beads is to watch their weight because the fashion accessory helps you reduce your waist provided you have a big belly.

One way to watch your waist is to check your hips once it starts climbing up and resting on your stomach, you will notice that some weight has been added.


Like I said before, Most women in the olden days prefer wearing them because they look more beautiful and attractive.

Even these days, Ladies believe that they are sexually appealing.

Some ladies wear it as a means of seduction to annoy sexual desire. You will notice that some beads have bells and once it rattles, their boyfriend or husband will know that they want to get some more.

Women living in foreign countries buy beads to showcase their culture as Africans. Some of them wear it to foster a relationship with their ancestors who led them into slavery before independence.

In some African Countries, the beads are usually worn to reveal maturity and growth while in other countries, when a teenage girl has done first Menstruation.

The truth of the matter is that they are now worn by many black ladies and women in African countries. Othe hidden reasons why they wear waist beads could be for protection against any evil power and negative energy.

And Lastly, They wear it as a fashion accessory.

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