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4 Ways To Support Muslim Friends During Ramadan

Ramadan is here and some of you may be wondering how to show support to your Muslim colleagues, friends or family members during the holy month, beyond saying “Ramadan Mubarak” (have a blessed Ramadan).

Well, here are some simple but meaningful ways you can do so.

1.    Be considerate when scheduling meetings, tasks and events

Granted, Muslims are expected to maintain responsibilities throughout Ramadan and cautioned against being lazy, but the reality is their bodies are on a different rhythm and clock.

Try to schedule meetings, tasks and events in the morning to early afternoon when many Muslims still have energy from the dawn meal (suhoor).

4 Ways To Support Muslim Friends During Ramadan

2.    Don’t Intentionally tempt Muslims with food during Ramadan

For some Muslims, fasting from food and drinks is easy, for others, not so much.

Taunting a person observing fast is inconsiderate and disrespectful.

Please don’t make it weird for them by making them feel guilty for not accepting your offering of water, food or drink.

3.    Join The Ramadan Spirit of Giving charity

Ramadan is a significant period of charity as its essence involves recognizing the blessings one has and showing gratitude by supporting those in need.

For non-muslims, Ramadan is an excellent time to show your support by contributing to various fundraising drives organised for Muslims in need.

4 Ways To Support Muslim Friends During Ramadan
4.    Send Well Wishes to your Muslim friends

The prices of foodstuff are likely to increase within the Ramadan period.

Especially considering that many mosques and observers organise community iftars for many people.

You can offer discounts to your customers.

How are you showing support to Muslims around you during Ramadan?


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