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5 Affordable And Unpredictable Valentine’s Gifts For Your Man

Figuring out the perfect valentine’s day gift for your man can be a tricky experience.

At the end of the day, It comes down to knowing them and what they like.

But if you’re just looking for some general and non-genetic gift ideas to make things a little easier, here are 5 of them.

5 Affordable And Unpredictable Valentine's Gifts For Your Man

1.   Recharge their monthly or Yearly Data subscription

Your man will be grateful to you if you help him take care of one or more of his bills.

The cheapest maybe his data subscription, you could help him recharge for a month or a year if you can.

2.    A Spa Session

A Spa session is a thing guys would not seek but would not refuse either when offered.

Maybe it’s the “Man” label they want to protect but surely, even men want to be pampered.

3.    Customized Face Masks

Chances are, your partner constantly forgets to leave home with some facemasks to protect himself from contracting Covid-19.

You could design a set of face masks for him with his favourite pictures and keep some in his car, Bag or wallet so he is never without them.

4.    Buy Local And Foreign Stocks

Instead of regular jewellery or underwear, you can get stocks from any publicly listed companies in Nigeria.

Shares in GTBANK, Dangote cement, Nestle Nigeria, Access Bank and others can be bought and monitored online.

5 Affordable And Unpredictable Valentine's Gifts For Your Man
5.    Perfume

Scent, cologne or perfume is something not only women are into.

The only problem is some guys, for one reason or another, don’t seem to bother getting one.

You will do your guy a lot of favour if you give him any of these.

Ladies which of these would you be getting for your man this Valentine’s?

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