5 Amazing Things You Should Know About Love Languages

Thanks to Gary Chapman, the world is familiar with the five (5) love languages: physical touch, words of affirmation, quality time, acts of service, and receiving gifts.

5 Amazing Things You Should Know About Love Languages

Many people have taken the initiative to figure out their love language as they embark on the journey to finding their soulmates.

However, some people still get the reasoning behind love languages wrong.

Here are 5 things you should know about love languages:

1. One Size doesn’t fit all

Contrary to certain claims, love languages are not gender-based.

There is absolutely no rule that says males want one thing and females want another. Love languages are personal.

Also, it’s okay to want more than three of the five love languages list. There is truly no limit.

2. There Is Hierarchy

While a person can prefer all 5 types of love languages, there is an order of preference.

This helps you realize what is most important to you.

For some, acts of service may come first and for others. it may be quality time.

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3. How you want to be loved may differ from how you love

Now, this is a very important but underrated fact.

It is easy to show love to people how you would want them to reciprocate but that is not how love languages work.

You have to know your partner’s preference and act on it.

If you are imposing your preference on them, you are doing it wrongly.

Ofcourse, this often requires consistent effort.

4. Love Languages Are Not A Shortcut

Although the theory of love languages helps couples understand each other better, it is not a shortcut.

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Couples have to make use of the knowledge and put in the work to build their relationship.

Also, love languages won’t magically fix communication problems or sexual incompatibility.

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5. Love Languages can impact bedroom activities

This may come as a surprise but your partner’s love language can be a road map to what they enjoy in bed.

A simple way to employ this is to take their three top love languages and do an erotic equivalent.

You may have to do some more research on this.


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