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5 Ancient African Hairstyles That Are Still Popular Today

African women have been manipulating their natural hair from time immemorial with completely different hairstyles that are now tailored to trendy hairstyles.

5 Ancient African Hairstyles That Are Still Popular Today

In many African cultures, an individual’s hair is taken into account the seat of their soul and, it accommodates sure powers even when reduced.

When reduced, it’s still connected to the particular person and can be used for various incantations.

There are many African hairstyles that ladies have rocked in the past and still trending as of today.

Out of numerous hairstyles in Africa, We have selected five that are still popular today.


1.  Bantu Knots

5 Ancient African Hairstyles That Are Still Popular Today

Bantu Knots is one of those African hairstyles that are still popular today.

This hairstyle was popular among the Zulu women in Southern Africa those days, but now it is popular in the whole world.

Bantu Knots is a kind of African hairstyle where the hair is sectioned off, twisted and wrapped in a way that the hair arranges on top of another to form a spiralled knot.


2.   African threads

 African threads hairstyle

This hairstyle is common among the Yoruba people of West Africa. It is hair wrapped in a thread(Hair that is tired with thread). It is a protective hairstyle for Yoruba women and today it remains one of the protective African hairstyles in the world.


Fulani Braids
3.   Fulani Braids

This hairstyle was first popular among Fulani women in Nigeria. The hair is usually parted at the middle, to hang at the side, and then adorned with beads. It is a hairstyle that is still popular today, especially among celebrities.

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5 Ancient African Hairstyles That Are Still Popular Today - Cornrow
4.   Cornrow

Among all the hairstyles I have mentioned, cornrow is the most popular. Cornrow is a hairstyle that remains in trend.

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It was initially common among the Europeans and then now popular among Africans too, since the Whites colonized us. It is one of the most popular and Ancient African hairstyles today.


5.   Dreadlock

The Himba tribe from Namibia made dreadlocks with grounded ochre, butter, and goat hair. Today, this trend is popular amongst guys.



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