Nigeria is not only richly blessed with massive natural beauties but also endowed with a lot of beautiful palaces which have made her become a tourist destination for millions of visitors from across the world.


1.  Zazzau place

This picturesque palace entrance belongs to the Zaria Emirate in Kaduna State.

The buildings are traced to traditional architecture and decorated with the Emir’s Insignia.


2.   The Sultan of Sokoto’s Palace

The palace is home to the Sultan of Sokoto, the traditional and spiritual ruler of the Sokoto Caliphate who historically holds the most important Muslim position in Nigeria.

The Palace features an extensive courtyard, a mosque and Luxurious bedrooms.


3.   Oba of Benin’s Palace

This is located in the heart of Benin, the Benin Palace houses the traditional ruling house and seat of Authority of Benin.


4.   Ooni of Ife Palace

The Ooni’s palace has been in existence for centuries as far back as 500 BC and situated in the centre of a city called Enuwa in Ile-Ife.

5.   Gidan Rumfa

The Gidan Rumfa is the Emir of Kano’s Palace which is historically the second most important Muslim position in Nigeria after the Sultan of Sokoto.


Tell us which of these palaces have you visited?

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