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In recognition of Epilepsy Awareness Month, here are 5 common misconceptions related to Epilepsy.

1. Epilepsy is triggered by Evil Spirits

It is commonly believed to be caused by evil spirits or seen as a spiritual attack.

However, it is actually a neurological condition and should be treated by neurologists and epidemiologic doctors.


2. It is Infectious

A person who is not epileptic cannot contract the disease by coming in contact with somebody who has seizures.

This is because the condition is neurological and in no way contagious.

3. Every seizure is a sign of Epilepsy

Even though epilepsy involves having seizures that occur repeatedly.

Seizures also occur due to several other medical conditions, and these might include a recent concussion, a high fever or low blood sugar.

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4. Put a spoon in the patient’s mouth

Putting anything into the mouth of a person who’s having a seizure can end up hurting him or her.

Instead, gently roll the person onto one side and put something soft under his or her head.

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5. Epileptic people are mentally disabled

The only relationship between epilepsy disease, mental illness and intellectual disabilities are that they all affect the brain.

A person with this condition tends to have the same degree of intelligence as a non-epileptic person.


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