5 Common Toxic Behaviours Parents Accidentaly Engage In

Although most parents try their best to make their children feel supported, mistakes can happen.

5 Common Toxic Behaviours Parents Accidentaly Engage In

Even parents with the best intentions can accidentally engage in toxic behaviours.

Here are 5 of the most common toxic behaviours that parents may not even realize they have.

1. Falling into the habit of yelling can cause children to develop low self-esteem and aggressive behaviour.

According to an author via Huffpost, It’s important for parents to recognise the difference between a misstep and behaviour that does damage.

In the best of all worlds, none of us would ever yell at a kid, but there isn’t anyone who hasn’t lost it now and again.

2. Even if done in a seemingly insignificant way, comparing your children can lead to poor psychosocial well-being.

3. Putting a “bad” label on your child can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

On the other hand, a “good” label can cause them to question their own abilities. When they do something perceived as “not good”.

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4. Preventing your children from expressing their feelings or labeling emotions as “bad” can lead to an underdeveloped emotional intelligence.

Peg Streep via Huffpost says Telling a child that he or she is a “baby” for crying or showing emotion is nothing but cruel and will inspire him or her to quash their feelings and detach.

5. Using blanket statements such as “you always” or “you never” can make children feel discouraged or shut out.





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