If you are buying a property in any place in the world or in Northern Cyprus which is one of the top property destinations for foreign buyers due to its great investment opportunities and beautiful climate, here are five construction terms you should know:

5 Construction Terms You Should Know When Buying Property

Square Meters (m²)

One of the most crucial things that people should consider when buying property – be it an apartment, villa, etc. – is the square meters of the apartment. Simply defined, net square meterage is the amount of space within a home that can be physically used. Knowing the square meters of a property of interest will help you understand if the space is too big for what you want, too small, or just right.

Reliable developers will provide this information to you in a way that’s clear for you to understand. Not all apartments will have the same spacing. The area of a property will also play a role in its price.Take this property, Elite Cove Garden:

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A corner 2 bedroom on the ground floor with a 80m² closed area  and 18m² terrace starts from £124,900 whereas the penthouse corner 2 bedroom with 85m² and 35m² terrace area starts at £134,900.

Home insulations

If your home isn’t properly insulated, you can lose heat through the roof, the walls and even the floor. Insulation prevents heat from escaping, and allows you to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer without using too much energy.

Home insulation means putting less strain on your boiler and your budget – and less strain on the environment too.

If your home is properly insulated, you won’t have to worry as much about getting extra heating from air conditioners, heaters, etc. Be sure to ask the developer, or agent showing you the property, what the home insulation setup is like.

Material Quality

Building materials include cement, aggregate, reinforcement, concrete, bricks, tiles, etc. Quality assurance of building material is important to ensure strength, durability and cost effectiveness.

The materials used to build will also affect the safety and functions of construction projects.

Foundation Designs

The soil nature in Northern Cyprus is no different than most of the countries along the Mediterranean which is fairly good for most of the structure types.

The biggest fear in any building is a problem in the foundation due to problematic soil because it cannot be fixed in most of the cases as well as it starts to be visible after a couple of years when the building is occupied. Be sure to inquire about the foundational structure of any property of interest, so you know what you are dealing with.

Construction Codes

The structures in North Cyprus are being built according to the codes such as ACI and EURO in order to reduce any errors during the construction and to ensure that all buildings put up are sustainable and durable design that don’t require frequent maintenance and care.

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