Due to the lack of stable electricity in Nigeria, relying on your refrigerator isn’t always an option.

So in order to reduce the need for Refrigeration, here are 5 ways to preserve your food without it.


1.    How To Store Leafy Vegetables

First of all, you should immediately get rid of any bad leaves then keep the good leaves as dry as possible.

Without cutting or chopping the vegetables, wrap them properly in old newspapers and store them in a dry place.

2.    How To Store Tomatoes

Perfectly ripe tomatoes should be kept at room temperature on a single layer not touching one another with the stem side up.

You must try to consume that within a couple of days to avoid them getting rotten.

3.    How To Preserve Meat and Fish without refrigeration

To preserve meat or fish without refrigeration, it goes through a process called ‘Hard Smoking’.

This involves a lot of salt, afterwards, it is smoked at a low temperature until there is very little moisture left in it.

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4.    How To Store Eggs

The trick to preserving your eggs outside of your refrigerator is not to wash them after buying.

This is because when an egg comes out from the chicken, it is coated with a light layer of a natural sealing agent called ‘Bloom’ and while washing your eggs, make them look cleaner and more attractive.

It also removes the natural protective coating thereby exposing the eggs to attack by the bacteria in the air and ageing.


5.    How To Store Fruits without refrigeration

Just like Vegetables, Fruits should be stored in a well ventilated dry place.

The trick is also not to wash the fruits till they are ready to be eaten.

Which of these preservative methods would you be trying first?





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