5 Nigerian Places You Probably Do Not Want To Live Near

House-hunting is a very serious and tricky business in Nigeria and as always, we are here with some helpful suggestions.

5 Nigerian Places You Probably Do Not Want To Live Near

Here are some Nigerian places you don’t want to pitch your tent close to.

1. Worship Centres

This may be beautiful for Christians depending on your denomination.

However, for Non-Christians, Sunday mornings will be hard and then the vigils and heavy skabashing at Friday vigils!

Forget TGIF!

Most Nigerian places like churches require specific drumming skills and use their speakers thoroughly and if you live near a mosque, the call for 5am prayers may also well be your personal alarm.

2. Schools

This requires no long explanation. The morning bell and assembly alone will be stressful for those who work at home.

Imagine being on a zoom call as they recite the multiplication tables or the states and capitals depending on where you live.

How about the recess bell and the happy screams? Some do have food and some have none.

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3. Bus Stops / Parks

It doesn’t matter how calm you are, the sound of early morning music from bus parks can make you angry especially when they fight over passengers.

If you’re a Lagosian then imagine waking up to cries of Oshodi! in the morning.

If you rent an apartment that’s pretty close to these people, anything you see, just take it like that.

4.   Graveyard

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but a lot of Nigerians are highly superstitious.

Living near a Graveyard is one thing but living in a compound where someone was buried takes it to the next level.

5.   Beer Parlour

Functioning alcoholics will love having their suppliers close.

But after a hard day at work, the last thing you want is to hear Mama Bee blaring loud music at 11 PM.

If we are being honest though, how do they get dope DJ mixes?



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