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5 Oppressive And Sexist Nigerian Laws That Need To Be Abolished

60 years after Nigeria gained its independence, women are still bound by oppressive traditions, religion and discriminatory laws.

Here are 5 of such oppressive and sexist Nigerian laws that need to be abolished.

1.    A Man can beat his wife whenever he wants to discipline her

The Penal Code (applicable in the Northern States) section 55, correction of Child, Pupil, Servant or Wife States that nothing is an offence that does not amount to infliction of grievous hurt on a wife done by a husband for the purpose of correcting his wife.

This encourages violence against women and enforces the belief that a woman is her husband’s property.


2.    A woman cannot work at Night

Section 55 of the Labour Act bars women from being employed in night work except as nurses or in management positions for those who are not engaged in manual labour.

This means women are not allowed to work at night in Nigeria.

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3.    Women cannot legally transfer their Nigerian citizenship to their Spouses

Section 26 of the constitution provides that the president may transfer Nigerian citizenship to any woman who is or who has been married to a male citizen of Nigeria.

On the other hand, the President is not empowered to transfer Nigerian Citizenship to any man who is or has been married to a female citizen of Nigeria.

The Nigerian Laws stated that the foreign spouse of a Nigerian woman can only acquire citizenship by naturalisation which is a much longer process (at least 15 years).

4.    Assaulting a woman is only punishable by two years

Section 360 of the Criminal Code makes the indecent assault of women a misdemeanour punishable with a two-year prison term.

The same crime is called a felony when it is done to a man and it is punishable by a three-year prison term according to section 353.

5.    A Wife has to have sex with her husband whenever he wants

In Nigeria, there is no such thing as marital rape.

This means that as a woman you are giving consent to all sexual activity within the marriage once you exchange wedding vows.

This is because Section 6 of the Criminal Code defines ‘unlawful carnal knowledge’ as something that takes place outside of marriage.

What is your take on these Laws?


Source: Pulse Nigeria


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