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5 Qualities Women Want in a Man, No 5 Is Important

There are certain qualities women want in a man though these are hard to find even though Everyone is not a perfect being but one need to be okay in some certain thing.

As we all know that men are simple in nature but women are more complicated.

Here are 5 qualities women want in a man.


They Want Honesty

Mostly all women want their man to be honest because, without that, nothing can be built on. If a man wants to truly win a woman’s heart, he needs to be more straightforward and honest with her.

Women don’t want to solve a puzzle before getting the truth, Just be honest with them about the relationship and they will continue to love you more.



Women Want to Feel Special

One of the things a woman cherish most is being special. It might just a little thing that a man will do that will a woman feel good.

As a man, you can compliment her smile, hair, kindness or just say baby you are special to me.

Women like their men to always compliment them because they want to know what they are being thought of. you can also tell her how you are thinking of her. This has a long way to go in that woman’s heart.

Everything should not be money, Just say sweet words to her and she will continue to fall for you.

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They Want Romance

Romance differentiate a relationship from a friendship. Most women want good romance.

A romantic man is one who goes out of his way to show a woman how much she means to him.

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In this aspect, some men lack this quality. If you want to keep winning the woman’s heart, try to be romantic.

They Want Reliability

Women want men that can assist them do house chores. A man who is reliable is a true treasure. he is available means he will be there whenever his attention is needed. Women are currently seeking for such quality in a man.

Being reliable to your woman will make her respect you more.



Women Want Communication 

A relationship without good communication will be shattered soon. for a relationship to work, you need communication for a lasting bond. Women want a man who knows how to communicate well.

Most men usually communicate via sexual intercourse but communication is above than intimacy. It is also the act of making your feelings known to your woman.

As a man, you must be open up about your feelings with her.



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