5 Reasons Why You Should Visit The Kajuru Castle

Visiting the majestic Kajuru castle in Kaduna should be on the bucket list of every Nigerian adventurer.

If you don’t agree, here are 5 reasons why:

1. It’s Real-Life Castle

Kajuru Castle is a private exclusive villa that includes a guest tower of 4 rooms (Dungeons), a central building with authentic knights; a hall and a master suite (Landlord’s residence) as well as a dragon tower well-guarded by ‘Dragons’.

2. It’s 2 in 1 package

The castle is both a tourist attraction and a getaway, a’ home away from home.

You can book for a guided tour or for a one day, 23-hour or weekend package.

The castle operates on an exclusive basis and only the complete facility can be rented out.

However, when it isn’t being rented out, it’s a cool tourist attraction with a stunning medieval setting.

3.  It is a stunning architectural beauty

It’s a magnificent fort built in a German-style upon elevated peaks with high towers and bartizans reaching to the sky.

Its design is an architectural masterpiece to behold.

Lovers of design and architecture will indeed be pleased with the architectural attractions this destination has to offer.

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4.  Its scenic landscapes

The castle has a staggering view that will leave you in awe and admiration.

It’s no wonder its scenic beauty has been used in a number of our music videos.

For example, Leriq’s ‘wishlist’ and Mayorkun ‘Sade’.

5.  It’s quite affordable

Its tour fee is N20,000 per hour for 1 – 10 persons.

With that amount, you can hike the trail of mountains surrounding the Kajuru castle hear all about its history from the ‘Castle Ghost’.

See the crocodiles guarding the gates of the castle.

You can also chill out and swim in the stainless steel majestic pool of the castle.

Use the castle’s sauna and have a barbecue at the castle with friends.

Would you be visiting the Kajuru Castle soon?

Source: Pulse Nigeria

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