It is obvious that wearing a bra is something that most women cannot do without when going out.

5 Reasons Why You Stop Wearing A Bra Today (Revealed)

A woman not wearing one will occasionally raise eyebrows when noticed in public.

Well, here are some good reasons why women should stop wearing a bra today.

1. Bra can make your breasts sag

Contrary to what many people believe, Going out without wearing a bra does not cause your breasts to sag.

In fact, studies show that obsessive bra wearers tend to sag a lot more and a lot quicker than non – bra wearers.

This is because bras weaken the muscles in the chest, making the breasts sag.

In one interview, Professor Rouillon said “Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra.”

2. Bras are not good for blood circulation

Wearing a bra can also affect your blood circulation. Frequently wearing clothes especially tight bras may compress your main blood vessels and cause cardiovascular issues.

Your favourite push-up bra can lead to a more dangerous issue down the line.

3. Bras are uncomfortable

For most women, comfort would definitely be one of the pressing reasons to stop wearing bras.

Honestly, there is no better feeling of relief than removing your bra after a long day so why put it on in the first place?

Most times, it’s itchy, tight and uncomfortable so just don’t wear them.

4. Bras Are Costly

Most quality bras don’t come cheap and that is why some women can spend between 5,000 Naira and 10,000 Naira (Price changes) just to get one quality bra and the imported one even cost more.

Also, Most women buy more than one bra and the price always rise.

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5. Women Don’t have to wear a bra every time

Aside from sleeping, women are expected to wear bras all the time.

Now, even though women feel like they must have bras on all the time, they simply don’t have to.

If you’re thinking of leaving your bra behind but you don’t want to walk around without some support then try sports bras or thick bra tops because they work just like bras without all the downsides of a bra.

Will you be getting rid of your bra anytime soon?





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