Sex is a learned skill, but that does not mean that you have to practice it everywhere and with anyone.

What this means is that you need to know how to satisfy your woman in bed and be aware of these 5 things she wishes you knew about sex:

1.   Breasts are your friend, not your enemy

Men, Please stop treating your woman’s breasts like Eba.

That means no grabbing, pinching, or pulling.

They’re actually attached to her body and just need some tender, loving care.

2.     Sex Toys

In addition to being kinky, vibrators are a great way to help satisfy your woman and leave her singing praises and worships.


3.    Sex doesn’t just end when the man releases

If you release first, there’s a good chance she will want to keep going.

If you can no longer carry on with penetrative sex immediately after your orgasm, switch to other forms of sex until you can continue penetration.

Sex is not over until the woman has a full-body erratic orgasm.

4.    Stop trying so hard to impress

Let the sex come naturally.

Don’t force yourself to impress a woman; let it come naturally.

Stop trying to do all those things you see in Hollywood movies.

Just go with the flow and focus more on your woman.


5.    Women like it shaved too

Men always express their discomfort with having sex with a woman.

Some will prefer to express that with a full bush, and that is exactly how women feel about men’s penises.

The smoother and cleaner, the better.

Women, what else do you wish your man knew about sex?


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