5 Things Nigerian Students Dislike About Private Universities

If you don’t want to spend huge time of your youth praying for ASUU to suspend or call off their lengthy strike actions, you would want to consider any of the Nigerian private universities since they are not affected by that.

5 Things Nigerian Students Dislike About Private Universities

Private Universities do not just give you a guaranteed graduation time but also connect you to rich alumni that will help you in labour market.

But despite these amazing advantages, there are still few things that Nigerian students dislike about Private Universities.

Here are a few of them:

1.  Dress Codes

Some private universities, especially church-owned institutions, tend to have highly restrictive dress codes that can be considered harsh for students to emulate.

Some schools have been known to ban female students from putting on trousers and makeup while some even consider jeans, chinos and designer items.

2.  Strict Rules And Regulations

Some tend to treat students like recalcitrant children in a rehabilitation centre.

According to what some Nigerian students revealed to us, a lot of private universities do not encourage students to think for themselves.

They claim to have strict laws against intimate relationships among students, and the use of mobile phones and personal cars by students.

They also monitor students’ access to the internet and encourage random room searches by Porters.

Also, the all-powerful disciplinary committee leaves very little margin for error.

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3.  Curfews

The issue of curfew is a big thing in the flesh of many Nigerian students in private universities.

A lot of private universities are actually strict with this and a failure to comply to curfew can lead to extreme disciplinary actions.

It has caused many students to wonder if private universities are not just glorified boarding schools.

4. Low-Quality healthcare

Every boarding school student is conversant with the school sick bay and its meagre medicine cabinet.

Students claim paying expensive tuition to get nothing more than a “high quality” first aid in a slightly bigger sickbay can bring serious annoyance.

5.   Accommodation and Feeding

If you believe the tuition fees are expensive for private universities in Nigeria then you should brace yourself for their accommodation fees.

The price you have to pay to share a room with three others is quite much and the price of a single room is even enough to buy a good plot of land in some states in Nigeria.



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