5 Things You Should Never Do After A Breakup

When mourning the end of a relationship, you are prone to be consumed by anger and resentment that might lead you to make some bad decisions.

Instead of giving in to this feeling, your focus should be on moving on from the relationship.

Here Are 5 Things You Should Never Do After A Breakup

1.    Try to get revenge on your Ex

After a painful breakup, the last thing you need is drama and chaos.

Do not set your ex’s house on fire, vandalise their car, sleep with their best friend or leak indecent pictures to get back at them.

This will only bring you temporary happiness and still leave you with years of guilt.

So take the high road, be a mature person.

2.    Find a ‘Rebound’

Dating someone else just to help you forget your past relationship is cruel.

You know you have not moved on from your Ex but you get into a new relationship just to fill up the empty space.

Chances are that you won’t really be happy, instead, you will be choked by guilt, and breaking his/her heart would be another weight to carry.

3.    Bad Mouth Your Ex

When your relationship comes to an end, the right thing to do is always choose to keep the details to yourself.

What you shouldn’t do is go around telling everyone the ex’s shortcomings.

This will most likely reflect badly on you.


4.     Compare yourself to their new partner

Don’t beat yourself up if you see that your ex is happy with someone else.

Their happiness says nothing about your worth as a person.

All it says is that they’ve found someone they are more compatible with, which you’re more than capable of doing too.

5.    Immediately Try to be friends

It is possible to be friends with an Ex, however, you first have to be sure to give each other space at the beginning.

You need to fully separate and move past the pain of the split.

Once you are both in a healthier place if you still feel the urge to reconnect, make sure to think critically about it before jumping into a platonic friendship.

Which of these are you guilty of?




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