Ladies, to have the healthiest, most enjoyable period as you possibly can, here are a few things you should avoid.


1.   Eating Salty Food

Many women experience water retention (bloating) during their periods, so it’s best to avoid high amounts of sodium.

Don’t forget that salty foods tend to be very dehydrating; your body overcompensates by accumulating hydration.


2.    Having unprotected intercourse

According to medical experts, it is cool to have intercourse while you’re menstruating, however, there are studies that have shown a high risk of having a sexually transmitted disease during menstruation, so to avoid this, it is advisable to practice safe sex.

Also, some doctors have warned that there is a strong tendency for a woman to even become pregnant while menstruating.

So it’s just better you do it safely if you aren’t preparing to have a baby anytime soon.

3.    Using Frangranced Cleansers

Using soaps, sprays or creams with perfumes can cause vaginal irritation and should be avoided at all cost.

If you discovered that you have a strong vaginal odour, it is best to see your gynaecologist in case there is an infection or imbalance that can be treated.

4.    Delaying To Take Painkillers

If you experience painful menstrual cramps during your period, you should not wait too long before treating your symptoms.

This is because many women usually like to wait too long to take painkillers.

These reduce the production of substances that cause pain, so taking the medications at the first sign of your period can reduce the symptoms proactively.

5.    Using Sanitary Products for too long

Regularly changing your pad or tampon is an essential part of good hygiene.

Ladies, which of these are you guilty of?

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