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5 Times Apostle Suleman Has Made The News For The Wrong Reasons

The General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, Apostle Johnson Suleman does not shy away from controversies.

Here are 5 times Apostle Suleman has made the news for the wrong reasons

1.   ‘I bought my 3rd Jet during COVID-19’

The controversial cleric admitted to purchasing a third private Jet during the ongoing global pandemic.

He added that while people were complaining, he did not want the pandemic to end because he was resting and enjoying his life.

The current worldwide death toll of COVID-19 is 2.4 million people.


2.    He was accused of sleeping with the pastor’s wife with the young daughter in the room.

In January 2021, Pastor Mike Davids, who has since left the Omega Fire Ministries International, accused Suleman of sleeping with his wife Pastor Faith Edeko, while the two were working together on setting up a gospel television station for the church.

He alleged that two first had something at one hotel where Suleman had lodged her and that his young daughter was sleeping in the room when it happened.

The pastor said he forgave his wife after she confessed the first meeting to him out of guilt, but that the affair continued. However, the cleric has vehemently denied the allegation.


3.   ‘The World is finished if US President Donald Trump is not Re-Elected’

In 2020, Apostle Suleman Johnson warned of impending danger should US President, Donald Trump suffer defeat in the then-forthcoming election slated for November 2020.

Trump lost the election to Joe Biden and the world is still here.

5 Times Apostle Suleman Has Made The News For The Wrong Reasons

4.   He warned against making Africa a testing ground for the coronavirus vaccine.

Suleman, Who has been consistent as a lone voice against the politics around the deadly virus, wondered why the COVID-19 vaccine should be tested in Africa when the United States and Europe have recorded more deaths.

“Test it in Europe and America where there is urgency. I wonder why they always think Africans are fools. We are not testing ground please.”

5.   His s3x scandal with Stephanie Otobo

In 2017, he was the subject of a sex scandal that went viral on social media involving him and a Canada-based musician, Stephanie Otobo.

Miss Otobo had released a set of damaging Snapchat shots on the internet allegedly of herself and the pastor, whom she claimed, impregnated and dumped her.

Apostle Suleman Tells Nigerians What To Do After They Dragged Pastor Chris Over 5G And COVID-19

But in a shocking turnaround, in 2018, Miss Otobo appeared on the altar of Omega Fire Ministries in Auchi to confess to having been used by powerful politicians and pastors to implicate Apostle Suleman.

Which other controversial Apostle Suleman moments can you remember?


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