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5 Ways Money Can Destroy Your Relationship

Most people believe that the absence of money is the only way money destroys a relationship.

5 Ways Money Can Destroy Your Relationship
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However, something as significant as money can affect your relationship in many other ways, Here are 5 of them:

1.    If Money comes before your partner

If you make money the top priority, then your relationship is going to take the backseat.

What you focus on is what you are going to get.

If you spend more time and energy on accumulating wealth and neglect your partner’s wants and needs, your relationship will suffer.

2.  If You Chose Your Partner For Money

Money should be the icing on the cake in healthy relationships.

However, If you decide to be with someone solely because they are financially buoyant, then you may not have true love.

Little by little, You will end up feeling empty inside and money won’t fill that void for you.

No matter how corny it sounds, money can’t buy love.

3.  If you are in Competition With Your Partner Over Income

Your partner is not your competitor and there is no need to claim who earns more money.

If you are making more than your partner, but don’t recognise your partner’s hard work, They won’t feel appreciated and will become resentful.

It doesn’t matter how small their contribution is but being supportive and working on the goal to improve each other’s well-being is what matters.

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4.   If you are always upset over your partner’s spending habits

It’s best to come up with some spending or saving rules as early as possible in the relationship.

Otherwise, you risk having a big argument and feeling resentful or angry, which can start a fight, and eventually harm your relationship.

5.   If You Keep Secrets About Your Finances

It’s important to discuss where you are financially, particularly if you plan to move in together or eventually get married.

Failing to do so could result in a lack of trust as well as a lack of understanding of each other’s financial positions and relationships with money.

What Other Ways Can Money Destroy A Relationship?


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