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5 Ways To Stay Safe If You Must Go Out During The Outbreak of Coronavirus

Ever since the outbreak of Coronavirus came into Nigeria, It has affected social gathering, schools, places of work, Markets as many citizens are now extraordinary careful so that they don’t get infected with the dangerous virus since scientists have not discovered a vaccine drug to combat it.

stay safe
Nigerians have been forced to stay safe at home since every sector in being shut down in a bid to mitigate the spread of the virus.
Medical Practitioners and Scientists have urged everyone to start practising social distance because that’s one of the ways the spread of the virus can be mitigated.
However, It is common that there may be unforeseen situations that may warrant you to leave your isolation zone.
In that aspect, you need to embrace these safety measures to stay safe  
Don’t go out if you can help it
The safest and best way you can protect yourself right now is to stay away from public places.
It is recommended that you avoid gatherings or crowded locations as your risk of contracting the virus from such settings increases.
Wash your hands every time
The importance of washing your hands with soap and water during this pandemic cannot be overemphasized.
Should you step out of your home, ensure to wash your hands thoroughly as soon as you get the chance.
Remember to thoroughly wash your hands for about 20 seconds and don’t forget your fingernails too.
Use hand sanitizer
Carrying a hand sanitizer for your personal use is advisable.
If you are stepping out of your home, chances are you may not have access to soap and water, in this situation, hand sanitizers come in handy.
Remember to use sanitisers that have atleast 70%. Also, sanitize your hands every time you touch anything.
Try and stay six feet apart from others.
If you are stepping out, try to maintain at least six feet of space between yourself and others because the novel coronavirus spreads mostly through mucus and saliva which can spread to people up to six feet apart.
Wear a face mask if you’re sick
Face masks are more effective in preventing the spread of the virus when they’re being worn by those infected.
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