5 Things You Must Say Goodbye To Once You're Marriedformer BBNaija housemate, Mike and Wife

As you probably know that marriage is the union of a man and a woman to become husband and wife.

When you are not yet married, you can do things the way you like but the moment you tied the knot, there are things you must say goodbye to.

So, here are 6 things you should leave at the door when you’re married to that special someone:

1. Being Self-Centered

Many people don’t understand that marriage takes a lot of dedication, teamwork, and compromise.

You must understand that it’s no longer all about you again.

2.  Sleepovers

Leave spontaneous sleepovers with your friends in your single days.

Random sleepovers may only work if you’ve informed your partner beforehand.

3.  Going on Solo dates with the opposite sex

Casual solo dates with the opposite sex may be done for business purposes or with your long-time friend and with the best of intentions.

Even then, going out with the same friend repeatedly may give off the wrong vibe no matter how secure your spouse is.

4.   Flirting with the opposite sex

A lot of people don’t shake off the habit of flirting even when they get married.

This might just attract unwanted drama into the relationship you have with your partner.


5.  Making decisions alone

You need to understand that it isn’t just you anymore and so you have to learn to be more inclusive.

Make sure you try to involve your partner in every decision you make.

6. Sharing sexually provocative photos via social media for engagement

Dear woman, Posting semi-nude photos via social media brings attention and public reassurance so you must avoid that at all cost.

Also for men, shirtless pictures especially the ones with a well-cut physique ignites a recipe for temptations.

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