7 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Piercing (MUST READ)

If you are planning on getting your first piercing, Here are 7 Important things to know before getting it:

7 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Piercing (MUST READ)
1.  You Shouldn’t Get Pierced On An Empty Stomach

Getting a full meal before doing piercing will help keep your blood sugar balanced.

This is because low blood sugar could result to feeling dizzy or fainting during the piercing.

2.   Make Sure that everything is sterile during the process

When you go to a salon to get a piercing, everything your body touches must be sterile. That includes the jewellery, the chair, the needle and the hands of the piercer.

Every person has the right to be pierced with brand new, freshly sterilized and appropriate instruments.

3.     Avoid a Piercing Gun

Piercing guns should be avoided because they cannot be sterilized and therefore, increase the risk of infection.

4.    Expect some initial bleeding and irritation

Know that your piercing might feel uncomfortable for days or weeks afterwards.

People with new piercings can expect discolouration, itching, the secretion of white or yellow fluid and the formation of a crust around the jewellery.

These signs are all part of the normal healing process.

5.    Also look out for signs of an infection

Look out for discoloured pus, extreme redness or extreme swelling that does not reduce after a few days.

Sometimes piercings get infected due to poor aftercare.

If you suspect your piercing might be infected, contact your doctor for treatment.


6.   If you love swimming then you will have to abandon that for a while

You must avoid swimming directly after your piercings.

Submerging your piercing in external bodies of water could expose the wound to dangerous bacteria.

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7.   You shouldn’t get a piercing if you are pregnant or just gave birth

Anyone who has just delivered a baby or has recently become pregnant must ensure she observes a three month waiting period before doing piercing.

This is to allow the body to normalize and hormonal equilibrium to be restored before the physical trauma of piercing.

Will you be getting a piercing anytime soon, tell us in the comment section?

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