Social networks have become our favorite destination to catch up with amazing stuffs as well connect with people across the world.

7 Tips To Stay Safe On Social Networks

However, you must learn how to stay safe so as not to get scammed by fraudsters or scammers out there.

Below are the 7 tips to stay safe on social networks

1. Choose a “nick” or a nickname

This way, you will avoid showing your real name

2. Choose what type type of information to display

There are many personal data that can be displayed on the networks, so you must choose carefully which ones.

3.   Restrict access to your profile

Keep the profile private or show it only to those people who are as friends on the social network.

4.  Control friend requests

If you are an unknown person, you have to ask yourself if we really want you to access our profile.

5. Choose carefully the content to upload

Keep in mind that the uploaded content will be seen by many people.

6. Beware of meeting with “Virtual friends”

They can have a fake profile created and be a completely different person.

7. Report abuse, harassment or similar

This type of conduct is punishable by law, so any indication of it should be reported.

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