7 Ways To Let Your Crush Know You're Interested In Them

They say men like to chase and women like to be chased. Now ladies, how will your crush know you’re interested?

Truth be told, your ‘flirting face’ goes unnoticed most of the time. So here’s how to give him clear signals without coming off as desperate.

1. Laugh at His Jokes

Practice your cute laugh if you must but laugh at his jokes.

This is a very important step, not only does it show that you find him interesting, but it also shows you have a sense of humour. Even if he isn’t funny laugh anyway.

2.   Flirt

This is a clear green light if you want him to know you’re interested, then you should flirt with him.

Now flirting can be subtle or direct depending on how you want to play it.

It all starts with your body language though.

A smile, how you sit or walk, and of course what you say.

3.   Compliment Him

Here’s a shocker; men like compliments too!

The truth is, they don’t hear it enough.

So be different. Give a thoughtful compliment every time you can.

4.   Spend time with him

If you want him to know you’re interested in him, you’ll have to spend time with him.

If you’re at a party, find a reason to be around him.

Making plans that include him also indicates interest.

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5.   Listen and Ask Questions

Whenever you spend time with someone you like, listen to him, and when it’s appropriate to ask questions, please do. This shows that you are interested in getting to know him more.

All that discussion will come in handy when you want him to do something nice for him.

6.    Use Music

This is strictly for the romantic folks. If you ever find yourself in a karaoke bar with your crush then pick the right song.

Sing your heart out and let the chips fall where they may.

7.   Tell him

There’s nothing wrong with being honest about how you feel.

Life is short and the hard-to-get game can easily get boring.

A simple honest conversation doesn’t hurt anyone and no, you will not die.

So tell us which of these ways are you considering soon?


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