Persimmon is an edible fruit that is not common to many people but comes from species of trees in the genus Diospyros.

8 Amazing Health Benefits of Persimmon

The most widely cultivated of these is what we have as Oriental persimmon, Diospyros kaki – among the most common human-grown fruit trees on Earth.

Persimmons have this beautifully delicate flavour that almost has a cantaloupe quality to it, both in colour and sweetness.

Here are 8 Health Benefits of Persimmon

1.   Protects eye health

Persimmon contains zeaxanthin, a carotenoid that prevents the formation of free radicals and oxidative molecules.

2.  It has an antiviral effect

This effect is more potent in under-ripe persimmons since they have a higher concentration of tannins.

This substance has a very powerful inhibitor against all types of common viruses, such as the flu or gastroenteritis.

3.  It has anti-cancer effects

According to several studies, women who consume persimmon regularly prevent thyroid cancer.

They also highlight that it is antitumor thanks to an acid that this fruit contains called Betulinic acid which destroys tumour cells.

4.   Improves digestion

A single persimmon can provide half of the recommended fibre per day, which is also soluble.

These include pectin and mucilages, which improve the digestive flora thus having prebiotic effects.

5.   It is beneficial for the skin

Persimmon is one of the fruits with the most antioxidants that they have, above the apple, grape or tomato.

These antioxidants fight free radicals responsible for skin ageing, in addition to improving collagen formation.

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6.   Acts on the muscles

Persimmon contains a significant amount of potassium, a very important mineral for maintaining water balance in cells.

It is necessary to generate nerve impulses and for normal muscular activity, so we avoid having cramps.

7.   It has a diuretic effect

Persimmon, like other fruits, has a large amount of water (almost 80% of its content)

This together with the little sodium it has, prevents fluid retention and favours urination.

8.   It is an important source of vitamin C

This vitamin is involved in the formation of red blood cells and improves bones and teeth, in addition to promoting the absorption of iron in food.


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