The beans are seeds of the herbaceous plant Phaseolus Vulgaris and belong to the group of legumes.

8 Health Benefits of Beans

Different types, such as white, pink, red or black, have similar nutritional properties and are timeless food with great versatility in the kitchen.

1.   Source of Protein and Carbohydrates

Beans are a source of high-quality plant protein.

They can substitute for meat if it is complemented with cereals or nuts.

2.  They help you lose weight

Thanks to the fibre that these legumes contain, they have a great satiating effect.

We feel fuller than with other foods and avoid overconsumption of calories.

3.   Suitable for diabetics

This food has carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, which thanks to the proportion of fibre they have, makes sugars enter the blood slowly.

They are perfect for people with diabetes and those who need to control their glycemic spikes

4.   Fight constipation

This legume helps us to prevent and reduce constipation naturally.

It is ideal for intestinal transit thanks to its fibre content.

5.   Cardioprotective

Beans are the perfect ally for people who have to take care of their cardiovascular health.

They have a contribution of unsaturated lipids, which have a cardioprotective effect.

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6.   Improve skin

Thanks to their antioxidant power, beans protect against skin ageing and acne.

7.   Pregnancy and breastfeeding

Its high content of folic acid or vitamin B9 helps prevent the baby’s development during pregnancy and lactation.

8.   They protect the environment

Like all legumes, its cultivation requires little water and they revitalize the soil by helping to fix nitrogen in the soil.

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