Couscous is a pasta made from wheat semolina, which has not been converted into flour.

8 Health Benefits of Couscous

It originates from North Africa, although it is currently present in the gastronomies of many countries.

It is a food highly valued for its exquisite favor and its wide range of nutrients.

Most of its benefits are associated with its important mineral and vitamin content.

1.   Maintains blood sugar levels

Couscous is rich in carbohydrates that provide stable and long-lasting blood sugar levels.

They are also ideal to provide energy to our body.

2.   Easy to digest

Unlike the wheat grain, couscous is a more digestive food.

Grinding the grain makes it easier to chew and digest, and is suitable for the elderly and children.

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3.  Refreshing effect

Couscous is an ideal food for the spring and summer season.

Its energetic effect helps calm the body’s excess temperature and satiates without damaging the gut.

4.   High content of selenium

Contains selenium, one of the most important components and difficult to find in food.

It is essential for the human body and in couscous is 60% of the suggested daily consumption.

5.  Strengthens the immune system

Its antioxidant qualities help fight free radicals and other toxins from the bloodstream.

And it also helps with the regeneration of Vitamin C and E, which are essential in the body’s defense mechanisms.

6.   Good for muscles

Helps to develop muscle mass thanks to its protein intake, and also to heal internal and external wounds.

7.   Good for weight loss

This food is a good ally when it comes to losing weight, since it is low in calories, sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat.

8.   Fight Constipation

Its high fiber and low fat content helps us fight constipation.

This helps people who are sensitive to wheat gluten, and there are even varieties suitable for celiacs.

The way to cook it is very simple. You just need hot water and let it sit until it has been absorbed.


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