Onion is one of the popular vegetables used in many dishes all over the world to give nice aroma or improve the taste.

8 Health Benefits of Onion and Why You Should Take it Daily

Eating fresh and raw onion every day gives enormous health benefits.

Vitamin C and other important nutrients in onion can help to prevent cancer as well as enhancing your skin and hair.

Onions are not only vegetables but also rich in antioxidant compounds that are very essential in neutralizing the free radicals present in the human body.

In olden days, human beings used it for medicinal purposes due to the fact that it acts as a rich source of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and organic compounds.

Below are the 8 Health Benefits of Onion

 1.  It is good for respiratory conditions

Both eating Onion and taking it as an infusion can help recover from colds, flu or bronchitis, among others.

2.  It is diuretic

It favors the elimination of liquids so it is recommended for people with gout or kidney stones

3.   Prevents cardiovascular disease

This effect is most powerful when eaten raw and it promotes blood circulation, so that prevents blood clots formed.

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4.   Strengthen the bones

This is due to the calcium it has and vitamin K. It prevents bone diseases such as osteoporosis, favoring the development of bone tissue.

5.   Strengthens the immune system

Thanks to quercetin, it increases defenses and maintains a healthy and strong body.

6.   Good against diabetes

The onion has chromium and Glucokinin, two elements that stimulate the pancreas.

This is how it reduces the sugar level and therefore benefits those who have diabetes.

7.   Fight Aging

Thanks to its antioxidants it prevents cells from aging due to free radicals.

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8.   Eliminates dandruff and prevents hair loss

Unlike the previous ones, this benefit is achieved by applying it to the hair and not consuming it.

To eliminate dandruff, it is best to use an onion juice and to reduce hair loss, we should rub ourselves with a piece of onion.

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