Valentine is getting close and you are still single to stupor because no one to send you gifts, flowers or even text messages, TRAGIC! But reason this well, Are you really single or is it a condition that is making your crayfish bend?


1.   You are a spec

Your potential partners are confused because they are shocked why a SPEC like you is still single.


2.   You are a player

You belong to nobody and everybody. You play different babes/guys all the time. But you’re still very much single, it’s even smelling already.


3.    You have suffered in their hands

They have shown you pepper in this life and you’re starting to think being single might be your calling. Take heart Love.


4.    You are using Zodiac Sign to look for a partner

Anytime you start liking someone, you’d go and check if your zodiac signs are compatible. You also believe you’re the way you are because you’re a Sagittarius.

5.    You keep shooting the wrong shots

You shoot shots at people that might never see your shots. You’re just wasting your lines in Trey Songs or Rihanna’s DM.


6.    You’re a fighter

Any small thing, you are seen fighting. Before people notice, you have chased all your Situationships due to your fighting mood.


7.    You’re still looking up to God

You’re praying to meet that special someone that ticks all your boxes.

Wolves in sheep clothing are numerous outside so you’re taking your own spiritual.


8.    Coronavirus is Outside

Covid-19 is the main factor. 2020 was supposed to be the year you should have met that special person but Corona spoiled business for you.

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