Water Melon is a species of the Cucurbitaceae family, native to Africa but widely cultivated throughout the world.

8  Wonderful Health Benefits of Watermelon

In addition to the world watermelon, it can receive various names such as acendria, syndria, patilla, aguamelon or watermelon.

1.  It is hydrating

It is one of the main benefits of this fruit and 95% of its composition is water which allows us to hydrate, especially in the summer, when this fruit becomes practically essential.

2.   It has a diuretic effect

It is also due to a large amount of water that watermelon has. It also helps increase urine flow, eliminates toxins and protects kidneys.

3.  It’s good for the heart

Watermelon contains L-citrulline, a substance that is transformed into L-arginine.

This amino acid protects the heart, circulatory system and immune system.

4.   Calms muscle aches

It is also due to L-citrulline and L-arginine substances mentioned above.

5.    Rescues ageing

Due to its antioxidants, they reduce wrinkles on our skin and repair them.

6.   Helps to lose weight

Consuming watermelon makes our fat cells produce less fat tissue and therefore excess fat accumulation.

7.    Improves eye health

Watermelon has a large amount of beta carotene that is converted into vitamin A.

Vitamin A helps make pigments in the retina of the eye and protects against macular degeneration caused by age.

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8.  It has the “viagra effect”

It is due to the phytonutrients that watermelon contains (beta-carotene, lycopene and L-citrulline)

These make blood circulation improve and Erectile dsyfunction is counteracted.


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