A gentleman has taken to his social media to accost ladies and gentlemen who have made things very difficult for people to find love given their ulterior motives behind their approaches towards people.

“Allow Serious Minded People Who Are Looking For Love To Locate Themselves In Peace”-Man Fumes


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According to the man, any man who seeks to satisfy his sexual fantasies must be willing to patronize prostitutes and make the necessary payments to them to satisfy their sexual edge.

Also, he advised that any woman who seeks to make money from men must also be willing to venture into prostitution just so she can be identified and patronized by those in need of her service.

He further stated that these people who seek to achieve different goals through relationships must allow people who are searching for love to locate themselves, hence they need not interject with their ill-motivated mindsets.

See the screenshot below:

In other news, celebrated Nollywood actor cum politician, Yul Edochie has condemned violence against women in relationships or marriage in his latest submission.

In a self-recorded video, the ace Nollywood actor intimated that every relationship has its flaws and adversities no matter how good the couple may look in the eyes of the public when they are being spotted.

He explained that no matter how a man feels agitated by his woman’s actions, it should never warrant him the right to descend on her physically out of anger.

Yul also added that hitting a woman or laying hands on a woman never shows a sign of strength on the part of the man but only demonstrates how weak he is by abusing a woman.

He added that real men would prefer solving their issues through other means that would result in a peaceful reconciliation with their women rather than hitting them.

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