Best Online Tools For Freelance Writers In 2021

When starting a writing career or gigs, Freelancing is considered one of the best options to adopt in 2021.

Freelance writers have control over their work-life balance and can work remotely without stress.

Over the years, Some online tools have made it easy for freelance writers to save time and increase productivity while working on multiple projects.

Some of the best online tools that are important for Freelance Writers in 2021 can be enumerated below:

PDF Bear - Best Online Tools For Freelance Writers In 2021

1.   PDF Bear

This is a web application that helps in processing PDF files and still renders them free of charge with fast actions.

PDF Converter: PDF bears can assist any freelance writer to convert Word, PowerPoint and any excel files document from PDF files.

Word to PDF: PDF bear make word document files easy to access by converting them to PDF files.

Protect PDF: Freelance writers can now protect their PDF files with a password and encrypt PDF documents.

This is to prevent PDF documents from being accessed by a third party or stranger.

A user can also unlock the PDF document easily with the help of the password.

Number Pages: When working on a project, PDF bears make it easy for a freelance writer to add page numbers to his or her PDF.

Rotate PDF: Depending on the kind of project a freelance writer may be working on, he or she may need to rotate the PDF document and this web-based app does that well.

Edit PDF: PDF Bear makes it easy and fast to edit any PDF document and one can even add text, shapes or anything just to customize the PDF.

Delete PDF Pages: If there are unnecessary pages on your PDF folders that are using space or maybe there are parts that needed to be deleted, PDF Bears can quickly delete pages from PDF with no worry of losing your important PDF files.

These are the main important things that a freelance writer can do with the help of PDF Bear.

Best Online Tools For Freelance Writers In 2021 - Hemmingway editor

2.     Hemmingway

Your aim as a writer is to make your text readable and easy to understand.

It is a common truth that nobody is perfect in composing meaningful sentences but Hemmingway can make your job easy by highlighting complex sentences, suggesting alternative words for bigger words that could be hard for readers to understand.

Make your Text Bold: Hemingway can also make your sentences bold and clear because it helps your writing to look attractive to readers.

Many readers do not like to read articles that are too long but when some texts or sentences are bold or unique, it attracts them to continue reading on the go.

So as a freelance writer, the Hemingway app should be on your list of best tools to use online.


Garammarly - Best Online Tools For Freelance Writers In 2021

3.     Grammarly

No doubt, Grammarly has increasingly become the world’s most famous and reliable grammar checker and plagiarism checker.

What this web-based app does is, it scans your text for the exact use of advanced grammar rules, corrects spelling and suggest alternative words to use.

The best way to become a good freelance writer is to regularly make Grammarly your friend.

After writing an article, it is highly recommended to use Grammarly to check for spelling mistakes, plagiarism.

Even an English expert is not a perfect person but using an app like Grammarly can make your English achieve perfection.

The amazing thing about this app is that it can work in any text editor programs.

It can also be added to your favourite browser for easy accessibility on the go.

Grammarly works on both Android and Desktop.

Best Online Tools For Freelance Writers In 2021 - Copyscape

4.      Copyscape

Just like Grammarly, Copyscape is also another Plagiarism checker app that can help a freelancer writer to spot if the article is original or not.

One important thing to know as a writer is that if your article is plagiarised, your client won’t feel happy about this.

So the best way to be sure of your writing is to adopt Copyscape as one of your favourite online writing tools.

Every successful freelance writer still uses Copyscape to check for plagiarism because nobody is a perfect writer.


Best Online Tools For Freelance Writers In 2021 - Word Counter

5.     Word Counter

Word Counter is another reliable app that can guide a writer on the number of words, characters that he or she has written.

When some particular words are used repeatedly in an article, a Word counter can identify and help fix the repeated words without stress.


Best Online Tools For Freelance Writers In 2021 - Canva

6.     Canva

Canva is a modern online tool that allows a freelance writer to produce any type of image design such as images for a blog post, presentation, social media posts, covers and many more.

The interface of the Canvas app makes it easy for non-designer to come up with a stunning design.

A writer can add text to his or her images or use an image template to customize.

It is considered a good online tool for freelance writers because of its easy-to-use tool.

With the help of a canvas app, anyone can be a great graphic designer.


Best Online Tools For Freelance Writers In 2021 - Google Keep

7.    Google Keep

Google keep is one of the services of Google and what it does is to allow a user to create quick notes on the go, checklist.

It has a universal search box to quickly find a specific note.

It also has an audio feature that has the tendency to record your voice.

Google Keep is definitely a notes app that every freelance writer must-have.

Google Keep is available on Android, IOS, Chrome and Web.


Best Online Tools For Freelance Writers In 2021 - Skitch by Evernote

8.     Skitch by Evernote

Skitch by Evernote is an online tool that helps to annotate a screenshot, document or image.

It helps a user to sync and organise note and still keep it handy.

Skitch by Evernote contains a template that one can use to produce a better note as fast as possible.

It also has a document scanning feature, web clipper that a user can use with Evernote.

This essential tool is available on Mac, iPhone and iPad, making it simple and easy to use on any device.


For any writer who wants to save time and improve productivity while working on a project, it is advisable for him or her to have some important online tools.

These online tools explained above are easy to use and being used regularly by successful writers to work quickly on their projects.

There are many online tools that a freelance writer can use in his or her writing gigs but the ones we listed here are just some of them.











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