TECNO Mobile has been ranked among the top 6 brands on the African continent for the sixth consecutive year, testifying to the staying power of TECNO brand’s leadership in Africa. Established in 2011, the Brand Africa 100: Africa’s Best Brands rankings are the most authoritative survey and analysis of African brands and businesses.

Brand Africa 100: TECNO Ranks 6th among 2022 Africa Best Brands

TECNO kept its position despite the challenges of the pandemic that saw worldwide supply and demand issues. With Brand Africa’s new rankings, TECNO has once again come out tops, maintaining their position in mid to high-end mobile brand segments in Africa.

TECNO’s investment and commitment to bringing consumer-centric mobile technology to the African continent is exemplary. TECNO brand spokesperson shared that, “We are delighted to continue to receive this honor over the years. We put a lot of effort and continuous deep cultivation in the African market, aiming to provide consumers with reliable products, powerful and innovative mobile technology, all based on an in-depth understanding of the customized needs of African users.”

TECNO’s making its promise to bridge the digital gap through continuous technology and innovation. For example, it was on full display in a webinar entitled “Global Mobile Camera Trends 2022: Innovation Talk” (https://bit.ly/3GnDgnx), with guest speakers from Counterpoint, TECNO, Samsung Electronics and DXOMARK. Early this year, TECNO also collaborated with BBC Storyworks and created a short film The Future Lens: Looking Ahead With TECNO (https://bbc.in/3N6BObq), to explore the meaning of mobile camera innovation for people’s life. TECNO’s concept phone launch with new Telescopic Macro Lens technology (https://bit.ly/3z6J6Ia) is another vision for the future of mobile cameras.

The objective of ‘Future Lens’ on its camera innovation is to allow users to showcase their uniqueness via visual storytelling, filling their world with diversified beauty through mobile camera innovation.

TECNO keeps demonstrating its global level of technology and innovation with its brand mission of becoming the most admired tech brand in Africa and global emerging markets by continually making breakthroughs in technology innovation. TECNO is deeply committed to its role in the mobile technology field and is dedicated to bringing the innovative and stylish products to its customers.

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