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Relationship Matter

Lies In The Cloth of Deceit And Most Ladies Are

Even before the advent of B.C the strategy of using lies to convince a girl to be yours is an important asset of a Casanova like Men, Because of this fact, guys formed the habit of cooking up lies they tell the ones want. so these are the list of lies men do tell to […]

Relationship Matter

Red Flags To Look Out For In A Relationship

Good morning all, I bring you something really juicy from Funmy’s secret … Trust me you don’t wanna miss out on this. As we go about our work this week, our relationships also needs to be considered. This morning we will be looking at some red flags (danger signs) to look at for in your […]

Relationship Matter

“If you don’t want or like sex you have nothing

A Nigerian lady, Martina Oge Ifemeje Mgbechi on Facebook, has said that you don’t have anything to do with marriage if you don’t like or want sex. According to her, no man or woman can endure sexless marriage, as sex is food to a man and if you are not ready to feed him, you should […]

Relationship Matter

5 Important Things Ladies Want From Men

Many men have been getting it wrong on what ladies want from them. Everything is not about sex but here are 5 important things ladies want from their men.     Attention: This is the first thing ladies want, it is normal for you to spend money on your lady but if you don’t give […]

Relationship Matter

Ladies See The Type Of Guys You Should Run Away

There are certain red flags you notice as lady and you could still decide to stay and manage situations, after all no one is perfect. However, there are red flags you see and you should take to your heels as it spells irresponsibility and may turn out to become a big problem or trouble in […]