Check Out The 5 Ways To Survive In Nigeria of Today

There’s no doubt that the current happenings in Nigeria have left many of us stressed out and strained.

Even though the country has been faced with incessant Killings, stealings, rapings, inflation, and other trending matters across the nation, We still have every reason to thank God that we are still managing and surviving amid the harsh economic state.

Below are 6 ways you can survive this present-day Nigeria amid the trending issues.

1. Comedy Skits

Watching funny videos or skits can help you better manage the daily dose of bad news going viral everywhere.

Laughter can help you maintain a positive attitude.

Check Out 6 Ways To Survive In Nigeria of Today
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2. Have a Japa Plan

As patriotic as you might be, mapping out plans for a more comfortable life outside Nigeria will always make you hopeful.

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Take baby steps like getting your International passports and applying for scholarships or jobs abroad.

3.  Learn a trending Skill or Start a Business

As the unemployment rate keeps increasing, It’s no surprise that the rate of illegal businesses like Internet scams is also on the rise.

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Rather than succumbing to the pressure of illegal money, try to learn a new skill or start a small or big business based on your budget.

4.   Become more security conscious

In Nigeria today, being extra security conscious is more important.

Apply security measures both indoors and outdoors is considered the best way to stay safe with the fast-rising insecurity rate.

Minimise Foreign Purchases
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5.   Minimise Foreign Purchases

Always consider the exchange rates before shopping. This is because the cost of importation alone is neck-breaking so try to save some money by investing in Nigerian products.

6.  Pray to God 

Some of us do not know the value of sleeping every night and waking up the following day.

My brother and sister, When you are still alive, Learn how to pray to God.

If you don’t know how to pray to God, appreciate or praise him for giving you another day.

What God cannot do doesn’t exist so always communicate to your God for anything you need.

Man fails but God doesn’t fail so always have it at the back of your mind that the only way you can survive this country is through God.

We hope this will relieve you from thinking too much about the present state of the country.

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