Online Taxi Services have witnessed tremendous growth in Nigeria in the year 2021 and the industry is slowly growing into a multibillion-dollar venture.

Today we want to talk about the best taxi services in Abuja, Nigeria. Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and it is one of the fastest-growing and most beautiful capital cities in Africa. 

The city has a lot of beautiful infrastructures and it is the seat of power in Nigeria. Abuja is known to be a booming city especially in terms of business, social life, politics and education.

There are a lot of tourist sites in the federal capital territory that residents of Abuja and foreigners visit.

 Transportation is one of the most improved sectors in Abuja and this has been made possible by some online ride-hailing companies that we are mention here. One of the most impressive things about the ride-hailing companies mentioned in this article is that some of our local taxi services are competing for head to head with foreign taxi services. Without wasting any time let’s get straight into the article.

The Best Taxi Apps in Abuja Nigeria

Checkout The Best Taxi Apps In Abuja, Nigeria


Bolt is a Global player when it comes to taxi services. It was formerly known as Taxify but they changed the name to Bolt. The company was founded in 2013 with their headquarters in Tallinn, Estonia. They have spread across 40 countries all over the world and over 200 cities that include Abuja.

 Their app allows you to request for a ride by setting a pick-up location and pay either with cash or with a credit card. You can also use this service to order food and other essentials. They have one of the best taxi services in Abuja right now. 

Download Bolt for iPhone or Android


Nairaxi is one of the forces to be reckoned with when it comes to ride-hailing services in Abuja. This is mainly because as at the time of writing this article they only offer their services in Abuja.

However, there is new that they have plans to start offering their services in Lagos and Portharcourt Before the end of the first quarter of 2021. 

Nairaxi operates a ride to own system where their drivers can keep the car at the end of the contract. Using their app you can request for a ride, shop groceries, or have one of their highly trained professional drivers to pick up an item for you. 

They have a variety of cars that you can choose from and they even include high-class cars or the popular Abuja green cars that are affordable. The company is a local Nigerian startup and with the services they offer I can see them giving other mobile hailing apps in Abuja a run for their money. 

Download The Nairaxi App on iPhone or Android

Checkout The Best Taxi Apps In Abuja, Nigeria - Uber


Now, this is a popular platform and they have been operating in Abuja for a while now this is a foreign brand with services in over 60 countries. The company was founded in the United States of America 11 years ago. 

They are one of the best when it comes to service delivery in this sector especially because of their years of experience. Their app is easy to use and it has a good interface as well. 

Download Uber for iPhone or Android

Checkout The Best Taxi Apps In Abuja, Nigeria


This is another online taxi company in abuja. They offer one of the best ride services in the capital city of Nigeria. Oga taxi works operates in Abuja, Lagos and Portharcourt it was founded in 2014 with the headquarters in Abuja.

They have an application that you can download on your phone to book a ride. The company works with private and individual drivers and their rates are quite okay. it is absolutely one of the best taxi services in Abuja and you can download the app using the links below. 

Download Oga Taxi for Android

Checkout The Best Taxi Apps In Abuja, Nigeria

Samfort Mobility

This is another proudly Nigerian ride hailing company that operates in Abuja. They offer a wide range of services that include mainly deliveries. The company was launched in 2019 but began operations last year. They plan to expand to 3 major states later this year. They have a mobile app that is available for android and ios the app is responsive and easy to use.

Download Samfort App for iPhone or Android 


Right now these are the best taxi services in Abuja. Although there are some out there their services Is not as swift as the ones listed above. For the resident of the federal capital territory, these are the best taxi services in Abuja.

One thing is that the services keep getting better especially because of the coming of some local companies like Nairaxi and Oga Taxi. 


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