Paternity Testing runs relationships

You would have probably observed that in recent time, there has been a lot of DNA Testing and Paternity fraud issues on Twitter and other platforms.

Checkout Top 5 Myths About Paternity DNA Testing
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With this, there have also been many myths relating to this sensitive topic.

So without wasting time, let’s explain some of these common misconceptions so that we can understand better.

Checkout Top 5 Myths About Paternity DNA Testing

Myth 1: If the alleged father is not available then you cannot conduct a paternity test

This is because it is more comfortable to test any potential father when he is around in person but if he is not around, there is still another way to get accurate results without his presence.

Using Advanced DNA Technology, Samples can be taken from Potential grandparents which can be used to set up the paternity too.

DNA testing in Nigeria
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Myth 2: Paternity testing can only be done during or after a pregnancy

A paternity test can be collected during the pregnancy of the child but this method is more expensive as the method of taking samples and testing them is harder

Checkout Top 5 Myths About Paternity DNA Testing

Myth 3: Paternity Testing is a bit Expensive

This is actually relative due to the price which depends on a couple of things.

According to, A DNA Test in Nigeria costs between N50,000 and N150,000.

This is even depending on the hospital, the procedure and aim.

For instance, Paternity tests having to do with legal issues might attract more charges and could even ve as high as N120,000 to N150,000.

Myth 4: Paternity Testing takes a long process

Myth 4: Paternity Testing takes a long process

To get started, a simple mouth swab is all you need and most laboratory turnaround times are less than two weeks.

However. this is dependent on the type of Lab you adopt.

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Paternity Testing runs relationships

Myth 5: Paternity Testing runs relationships

This ultimately depends on how the result goes and what you are trying to get.

Just being a father is more than biology, the caring, nurturing and raising of a child is what a father is.

It is not just whether the father and the child are blood-related.

The major benefit for DNA testing is closure, being able to have confidence that you are truly the father after knowing the result of the paternity testing of who the real father is.

So tell us which other myths that you have heard about Paternity DNA Testing.







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