Coronavirus: Couple Holds Wedding Online With Over 45 People in attendance (photo)

 Coronavirus: Couple Holds Wedding Online With Over 45 People in attendance (photo)
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A couple has gone viral on social media after their wedding was held online with over 45 people in attendance.


As Coronavirus lockdown keeps waxing stronger, Many had postponed their wedding till the endemic virus is over but for the case of this couple, they still went ahead to hold the wedding online.

Sharing a photo from the wedding, the younger sister of the groom with the twitter handle @kiyaniBba wrote “Today was my big bro’s wedding. Because of the virus, only the bride, groom and their witnesses were allowed in the room. As the official CTO of my family, I suggested that we set up a Zoom so that our relatives and friends could join us. I present you the first Zoom Wedding.

We had more than 45 people from France, CIV, Netherlands, SA, Calgary, etc. I muted everyone during the ceremony and recorded everything using zoom. People cried during the vows, at the end I unmuted them and all at the same time they applauded and congratulated the newlyweds”

The action has since sparked mixed reactions from online users, but many of them applauded the couple for going ahead.

One Stella had this to say “Oh I love this, less drama, less money spending…
This is the real social distancing. Opportunity to keep their money in their pockets. No unnecessary spending”

Another user, Jeremy wrote “This is the best time to get married as Africans. Our mothers won’t be able to invite 5000 people to a wedding planned for 500 people. Just you and your partner . Use money for hall and other things to invest in your future.”

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