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Coronavirus: WHO Finally Reveals When Football Matches Will Likely Come Back

The World Health Organisation (WHO) and UEFA might likely put on hold all football matches as a result of this outbreak of Coronavirus that is currently tormenting the world.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has called for total suspension of all football competition until the end of next season, 2021.

This is because of the rise cases of Coronavirus being reported daily around the globe.

According to WHO, there are more than two million confirmed cases of Coronavirus at the moment.

Remember that the outbreak of Coronavirus was initially emanated in Wuhan, China.

Based on the report gathered from reputable Italian paper (La Repubblica) during a live conference call with UEFA, revealed that all football matches to be suspended until the end of next season which is about 18 months time when calculated.

As a matter of fact, the WHO is also trying to consider all other possible ways but pertaining about causing a second wave of the deadly spreads of the virus.

Moreover, the organisation is also fully prepared in order to avoid the second wave of Coronavirus.

However, If all football matches are suspended as revealed by WHO, some clubs could be affected in terms of financial instability. This is because of some clubs that have already introduced a pay cut on their players.

According to DAILY POST, Arsenal has confirmed that both players and managers face 12.5 per cent pay cuts in order to reduce financial problem during this endemic virus.

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