Daughter of A Billionaire, DJ Cuppy Reveals Why She’s Still Single (See Video)

Popular female DJ and daughter of a billionaire, Florence Otedola who is better known as DJ Cuppy, has finally revealed that why she is still single.

Taking to her Instagram page, DJ Cuppy posted a video of herself twerking and dancing with her nanny alongside her puppies in excitement.

In her words: I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason that I’m single is that I’m way TOO SEXY.


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Fans have recently dragged out DJ Cuppy and other Slay queens for allegedly using Their Pets as their close partners.

This was because of a video of DJ Cuppy catching fun with her expensive dog called Dúdú.

Dj Cuppy has been known to be single for a very long time since she broke up with her ex-boyfriend who happens to be Davido’s manager. Asa Asika and Dj Cuppy broke up on a good note and they continue to be good friends who are sometimes spotted having a good time.

The relationship with Asa Asika is the last known public relationship with Dj Cuppy and it is not known if she has decided to date again and keep it under wraps.

Popular Nigerian musician, Harrysongs made a wild assertion that some ladies of this era have decided to quit having normal relationships and have resorted to having penetrative intercourse with their pet dogs.

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His post read: “I just had one of the weirdest conversations with a lady about the new s*x trend and pets with women now, that girls now buy poppies to give them head? Some are actually in a love/s*x relationship with dogs? What is going on? Is this for real?”

After Harrysong made the assertion, the first thought that came into the minds of fans was the billionaire daughter and her dogs. Dj Cuppy has been a lover of dogs for quite a while now as she frequently shares videos and photos of herself frolicking with her canine friends.

Some fans alleged that Dj Cuppy is among the people who allow their dogs to sleep with them owing to the way she allows her dogs to kiss her on the mouth without any hesitation.

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