Dreaming cost you nothing, while not dreaming will cost you everything. Let me ask you a question and answer honestly to yourself alone. “When was the last time you spent quality time dreaming big?”


Find time to dream dreams that excites you. Focus on it exclusively. Hang onto it regardless of the people who try to talk negativity of it. You know why?, if you dream big, you will win big.

Without a dream, you cannot have a goal. Without a goal you will never take any positive action. Without positive actions, nothing will happen to bring you any closer to your dream.

Understand that the bigger your dream, the more excited and motivated you will be to actually begin on the road to achieving it.

Growing up as children, we were used to big dreams, so called “make believe”. But as we grow older, we seem to deny ourselves the right to live our dreams because something called “reality” showed up. We quickly tend to forget that anything is possible to them that believe and act towards it.

No reality can be stronger than your big dreams; except if you are a coward, weakling, and an undeserving failure. Sorry if that sounds so raw. But I am not going to hide the truth to protect your feelings. There are dreamtakers everywhere and I’m not one of them.


Dreamtakers are people who have lost their own dream to self-doubt and will do anything possible to destroy the dreams of those around them. They are the people who constantly tell you how poor you are, how unfortunate your background is, how unsuccessful you have been in the past, how unqualified you are among others. These people are always around us as friends, relatives, parents, employer, mentors etc.

We should continue on this note tomorrow. But remember, if you are going to dream, you should dream big. If you always have the consciousness of your dream in mind, everything you do will take you closer to your goal.

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